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Course 101-01 - The Verisurf InterfaceCourse 101-01 - The Verisurf Interface

The course consists of the following lessons:

  • Introduction - Course introduction, including how configure the user's screen to match the video
  • Overview - A high-level overview of the program interface, including the various windows, menus and other types of controls
  • The Operations Manager - A description of the primary interface for Measurement, Analysis, MBD and Reverse-engineering
  • Toolbars and Ribbon Bars - Introduction to all of the toolbars and ribbon bars that control program functionality
  • Creating a Working Directory - Explains how to create a working directory to store the files used in the sample exercises
  • Opening Files - Explains how to open various files, including CAD files and native Mastercam files
  • Saving Files - Explains how to save the files created during the practice exercises
  • Exercise: Using the Interface - A practical exercise in which a file is loaded and various controls are used to control the display 
  • Exercise: Loading and Saving Files - Another practical exercise involving the use of the File Open and File Save commands
  • Getting Help and Support - A description of the help and support resources available through the program interface and the Verisurf web-site
  • Course Quiz -  A brief quiz to test your understanding of the course material
Estimated Length: 26 minute(s)


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Online Lesson1. The Verisurf Interface -


The goal of the course is to help new users understand how to open and save files, and how to access the various program controls to view, measure, analyze and report data.

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