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Course 101-02 - CAD System BasicsCourse 101-02 - CAD System Basics

The course includes the following selected lesson topics:

  • CAD Versus Measured - An explanation of how CAD data differs from measured data
  • System Configuration - The use of the System Configuration dialog to control CAD functionality
  • Screen Statistics and Analysis - How to determine which entities are visible and how they are defined
  • Shading Surfaces and Solids - How to modify the rendering of surfaces and solids using various lighting techniques
  • Selecting CAD Entities - A discussion of various selection tools, including selection methods and maskign techniques
  • CAD Attributes - A discussion of various CAD-entity attributes, such as color and level, and how to change them
  • Working with Levels - Describes the use of levels, including how to set the main level and how to move entities between levels
  • Using CAD Functions - Various exercises that involve selecting CAD entities and changing their colors and levels
Estimated Length: 46 minute(s)


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Online Lesson1. CAD System Basics -


The goal of the course is to help new users understand what tools are available to manipulate CAD entities in a model-based workflow.

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