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Course 101-03 - Alignments and TransformationsCourse 101-03 - Alignments and Transformations

The course consists of the following topics:

  • Introduction - An overview of the course contents
  • Terminology and Concepts - A discussion of reference frames and coordinate systems
  • Alignments and Transformations - A discussion of the relationship between alignments and transformations and how they're calculated
  • Managing Alignments - A discussion of the tools used to manage alignments of points, features and devices
  • Alignment of Devices - A detailed discusson of how device alignments are managed
  • Alignment of Points and Clouds - A detailed discussion of how Points and Clouds are aligned
  • Alignment of Features - A detailed explanation of the alignment of geometric features
  • Alignment Objects - An explanation of how alignment objects are defined, stored and managed
  • Local Transformations - A detailed discussion of the use of local transformations
  • Model-based Frames and WCS - A discussion of how the WCS is used to define model-based frames of reference
Estimated Length: 21 minute(s)


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Online Lesson1. Alignments and Transformations -


The goal of this course is to help new users understand how alignments and transformations are calculated, and how they are applied to points, features and devices to place them in the correct frame of reference.

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