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Course 101-06 - Inspect-Build and Analysis SettingsCourse 101-06 - Inspect-Build and Analysis Settings

The course consists of the following topics:

  • Introduction - An overview of the course material
  • Analysis and Inspect/Build Mode - An explanation of the similarities and differences between the Analysis function and the Build and Inspect measuring-modes
  • Projection Settings Overview - Explains how projection settings are used to select feature-types and apply probe compensation
  • Analysis/Build Settings - Explains how to set the analysis tolerance and control the graphical rendering of the analysis results
  • Using Inspect/Build mode - Describes the dual nature of Inspect/Build to inspect parts in real-time and to position details using real-time feedback
  • Inspect/Build Measure Settings - Explains the settings that control data capture in Inspect/Build mode
  • Exercises - Practical examples that describe inspecting a part and setting a detail
Estimated Length: 39 minute(s)


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Online Lesson1. Inspect-Build and Analysis Settings -


The goal of the course is to help new users understand how to set tolerance, control feature projection and apply probe compensation during Inspect/Build and Analysis, and how to control the rendering of Analysis Objects.

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