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Course 101-14 - What's New in Verisurf X7Course 101-14 - What's New in Verisurf X7

The course consists of the following lessons:

  • Introduction - an overview of the changes in Verisurf X6.1/X7.
  • The Report Manager - describes the new Word and PowerPoint report formats, as well as the enhancements to the PDF, HTML and Database report formats.
  • The Operations Manager - explains the new custom layout tools, the new data types, and the new grouping functionality.
  • Verisurf Preferences - covers the new settings for angular units, the display of operations manager tabs, the display of static deviations and the display of result color in AutoInspect.
  • MBD Manager - explains the new 3D PDF and hole-axis tools, as well as the new Saved View functionality.
  • Auto Inspection - describes the new controls for repeatability testing and threshold averaging, and explains how best fitting can now be used in Auto Inspect.
  • Data Management - explains the new Sort, Renumber and Rename tools, as well as the ability to edit multiple features in a single operation.
  • Measure Manager - covers the use of Smart Tools in AutoAlign and explains the new Filter Settings. 
  • Analysis Manager - describes the improvements to the display of deviation text and graphics, as well as the Save View and Multi-Core settings.
  • Device Manager - explains the Zero function in digital readouts, as well as the "always live" device display and the use of the mouse for measurement simulation.
  • Reverse Manager - covers the new file import option for large ASCII files.
  • View Manager - describes the new Modify WCS dialog for naming and rotating a new WCS.
  • InspectionXpert - explains how InspectionXpert is used to automate the reporting process when using ballooned inspection drawings.
  • CM4D - describes the changes to the Report Manager when exporting data for use in the CM4D SPC program.
Estimated Length: 55 minute(s)


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Online Lesson1. What's New in Verisurf X7 -


The goal of the course is to familiarize users with the changes in X7. When combined with the courseware in the Introduction to Verisurf X6, these courses provide a good foundation for the use of Verisurf X7.

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