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Course 101-15 - What's New in Verisurf X8Course 101-15 - What's New in Verisurf X8

The course consists of the following lessons:

  • Introduction - an overview of the changes in Verisurf X8.
  • The Benefits of Automation - describes the benefits of inspection automation including improvements in speed, accuracy and process control as well as reduced training and support costs.
  • Verisurf Automate - explains how to use Verisurf Automate to create, simulate and execute automated inspection plans using and manual or automated inspection device.
  • Graphics Enhancements - describes the improvements in rendering, shading, highlighting and feature selection.
  • Direct Solid Modeling - explains how the new Move and Push/Pull tools can be used to create and modify solid models without solid history.
  • UI Enhancements - describes the new data tree categories and the new on-screen displays.
  • Verisurf Preferences - describes the new Automate tab as well as the changes to the Device Settings and Device Display Settings tabs. Also explains the new data security features on the General tab.
  • Analysis Manager - explains the new color map and measure map displays, and describes how meshes can be used directly in analysis and best-fitting.
  • Measure Manager - describes the redesign of the Measure Settings dialog and the changes to existing controls. Explains the new algorithm for Minimum Zone fitting.
  • Inspect/Build - describes the new 2D projection option and the improved support for solid models.
  • Reverse Engineering - describes the improved slice tool and the enhancements to the edit-cloud and -mesh tools. Explains automated fitting of shapes from clouds and meshes, and describes the new support for XYZRGB data.
  • Report Manager - explains the new support for characteristic IDs. Describes the use of the new Manual Input and Range Objects, and explains the new Multi Construct function. Also explains the improvements to the calculation, analysis and reporting of cylinders.
  • Alignments - describes the new RPS alignment for offline AutoAlign and explains how WCS can be created from AutoAlign and best-fit alignments.
  • Auto Inspect - explains the changes to offline Auto Inspect and the increased coordination between Auto Inspect and the Report Manager.
  • Surface Points - describes the improvements to the Surface Grid and Dynamic Point Tools for surface inspection-automation programming.
  • Tools and WCS - explains the improvements to the Fit Curve tool and the changes to the WCS dialog.
  • MBD Manager - describes the new tools and functions that make it easier and more efficient to add MBD to a model.
  • Miscellaneous Enhancements - explains the new CATIA and FARO file import functions and introduces InspectionXPert OnDemand.
Estimated Length: 45 minute(s)


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Online Lesson1. What's New in Verisurf X8 -


The goal of the course is to familiarize users with the changes in Verisurf X8. When combined with the courseware in the Introduction to Verisurf X6 and the course What's New in Verisurf X7, these courses provide a good foundation for the use of Verisurf X8.

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