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Course 101-16 - What's New in Verisurf X9Course 101-16 - What's New in Verisurf X9

The course consists of the following lessons:

  • Introduction - an overview of the changes in Verisurf X9.
  • General Improvements - lists the general enhancements and now-standard features in the software.
  • Verisurf Tools - describes the new tools Merge Multiple Files and Auto Center-Plane, and describes enhancements to the Pierce and Curves to Surface Points tools.
  • Verisurf Preferences - explains the new setting Use Shader for Backside Coloring.
  • Point-cloud Tools - describes the new tools Hidden Points, Global Register, Register to Nominal and Register Clouds and Meshes, as well as a number of other enhancements.
  • Verisurf Validate - explains the benefits of file validation and describes the validation process that's available to all users without a Kubotek license.
  • Model-based Definition - describes the new Gap and Flush tool as well as other enhancements.
  • Analysis Manager - explains the new Do It tool, as well as enhancements to the Analysis Settings dialog and the new Quick Report function.
  • Device Manager - describes the new device status display and the settings for randomizing data using the mouse device to enhance learning.
  • VDI - explains the new Tracker/Arm alignment using FARO arms and trackers.
  • Measure Manager - describes Verisurf's new scanning capabilities and the new Comp Axis and Average Point tools. Also explains hot-key mapping for remote device control.
  • Report Manager - describes the new values for reporting hole patterns as well as the new options to report position. Also describes options for showing and hiding results.
  • Automate - explains the new options for posting automation plans and explains how to add measured point-clouds to a plan.
  • Reverse Manager - describes the new tools for mesh editing, including advanced selection and display. Also explains the new Auto Hole-fill and Export Edges & Edge Faces tools.
Estimated Length: 40 minute(s)


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Online Lesson1. What's New in Verisurf X9 -


The goal of the course is to familiarize users with the changes in Verisurf X9. When combined with the courseware in the Introduction to Verisurf and the courses What's New in Verisurf X7 and X8, these courses provide a good foundation for the use of Verisurf X9.

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