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Verisurf U
Welcome to Verisurf University
Your source for professional, online training for Verisurf software and the 3D Measurement Solutions that it enables.
Get started with Verisurf University today:
  • Browse the Course Catalog. The Catalog lists the courses and their contents, including a description of each course, the approximate time to complete, the objectives of the course, the individual lessons, and a description of any certificates earned.
  • Enroll in Verisurf University. You can visit the Verisurf Store to enroll in Verisurf University and purchase your courseware online.
  • Start taking courses. Once you’re enrolled, simply launch a course and begin learning. Courses and lessons can be accessed in sequence or at random, so the material can be used by new operators to self-train. Experienced Verisurf operators will find the courses to be a good source of review, and might even learn something new.
  • Earn certifications. By passing the quiz at the end of each course, you not only demonstrate your knowledge – you can also earn valuable certifications as a Verisurf user.
  • Ask Questions. For more information about your new account, please visit:, or refer to the Quick Start Guide.
If you’d like to enroll in Verisurf University, you can purchase courses here BUY ONLINE.
If you have any questions, or would like a comprehensive live demonstration, please contact us directly to schedule a personal viewing. 
For Sales Support & Information, please call 714-970-1683 or contact us through our website at
Thank you for your time and commitment to eLearning excellence!
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